Polyimide Tubing - Construction Options - Reinforcement Layer

Available in Stainless Steel T304V:


ShapeStocking Size (inch) *Stocking  Size (mm)
Round Wire0.001250.0318
Flat Wire0.0005 x 0.00300.0127 x 0.0762
0.0010 x 0.00300.0254 x 0.0762
0.0020 x 0.00600.0508 x 0.0152

 * Other sizes available - please inquire







Medical Tubing with Braid Reinforcement on top of a Polyimid Layer        

Reinforced Medical Polyimide Tubing with optional Outer Layer





Stainless Steel Reinforcement for Medical Polyimide Tubing














 Stainless Steel Coil for Reinforcement of Medical Polyimide Tubing

















         Polyimid Layer with braid reinforcement


Braid Reinforcement of a Medical Tubing with PTFE Liner with Polyimide Layer

                  PTFE Liner with polyimide layer

                          & braid reinforcement




 Medical Tubing PTFE Liner with Coil Reinforcement  

                  PTFE Liner with coil reinforcement


Medical Polyimide Tubing with Coil Reinforcement between  Polyimide Layer and Outer Layer           

 PTFE Liner with polyimide layer,

coil reinforcement & outer layer